Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


It’s alright, Danny. 2018 will be better.

Firstly: a big, BIG thank you to you lovely people who take the time to read what I post on this daft little blog! I can’t express my gratitude enough – this is very much my passion project and I’m very protective of it. People rarely want to hear my opinions on Bigfoot, horror movies and hauntings (funnily enough, there’s not much call for it in everyday life), so this is a place I’ve created where I can share all that stuff. Even if it doesn’t matter to anyone but me, it has its own small space in the world.

Secondly: a plan of action for 2018. I’ve noticed that I’ve posted a lot of horror film reviews and analysis pieces recently. This is no bad thing – I’ve enjoyed writing them – but I’m aware that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. My main goal is to get back into the habit of writing the research series (which you can find under Lunar Files, Haunted Files, Hidden Files). They take more time than a review – the review content is coming directly from my own head, but those articles require research and I prefer to have them structured more formally (more like an essay, for example).

I’d also like to write more about how I’ve brought spooky things into my life – a bit more about my ghost-hunting antics, about my tarot reading and about how these things intersect with my politics and feminist views. These aren’t all separate parts of my life; they’re all important elements of my identity.

Finally, by way of an explanation (not an excuse): I’m a university student, so my posting schedule is rather erratic. My degree has to be the priority – as much as I would love to write this blog, travel around hunting monsters and be spooky as a full-time career, only a lucky few get the privilege and opportunity to do that. I’ll do my best to post as frequently as is possible. I can only apologise for denying you the pleasure of my company and boundless wit, but duty calls.

Thank you again. I’m sorry that I can’t be more profound with my expression of thanks, but there is profundity enough in the world. It would be insincere of me to be anything other than my irreverent self.

Yours in life and in death,


P.S. Remember that Inside No. 9 starts again tomorrow at 10pm on BBC Two! That’s not strictly relevant, but I’m planning to do a brief (hopefully spoiler-free) review of each episode and avoid doing any lengthy horror movie reviews for a while. If you haven’t ever seen it (where do you live, under a fucking rock?), the previous three series are on iPlayer. Love yourself and watch it.

P.S. 2. Ask A Mortician‘s Caitlin Doughty posted a new video in tribute to her “year of content”. But the fun doesn’t stop there – it’ll continue through 2018. The death revolution begins now! Subscribe if you haven’t already.

P.S. 3. I’m not sponsored by any of the people/products I’ve ever mentioned. You think I’m making money here? Please, I wish. I just love talking about the things I adore and the people I admire.

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