Q & A!

Quick post to say I’m opening up the floor to you folks!

Ask me any spooky questions you like. They can be about my opinions (e.g. “What’s your favourite horror film?”, “Do you believe in Bigfoot?”). They can even be factual questions (e.g. “You mentioned [insert case/cryptid/haunting/paranormal term here] and I don’t know what that is. Explain!”).

Just some ground rules: I won’t be answering any questions I consider to be insulting or too personal. I also won’t answer any questions that aren’t relevant to this blog: for example, “How do you think politics and social issues influence urban legends?” would be a very good and topical question, but, in this case, “Which way do you vote?” is not. Like many other things, politics is important to me; it’s just not specifically what I’m doing here. Lastly, any hate comments and/or trolling won’t be acknowledged – I enjoy chatting to sceptics very much, but that can be done in a civil manner.

To ask your question, either drop me a comment below this post or a message on Instagram (@judeandtheobscure). Specify if you would prefer not to be named or if you would like me to include your Instagram handle or blog name (get yourself that promo, yaaas).

Q & A submissions open Saturday 6th January 2018 and close Saturday 20th January 2018. I’ll then finalise them over the weekend.

Get askin’!

candle gif

Update: you can read the Q & A here!

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