A Quick Update

There hasn’t been any significant activity on this blog since early October last year, so sincere apologies for that. I had a busy (and difficult) end to the year and unfortunately blog posts had to take a backseat. I also managed to miss the blog’s 2nd birthday on 16th January, despite the fact it happens to be the day after mine. The calendar widget at the bottom of the page did publish the scheduled reminder, even if I didn’t get round to marking the day.

My mental health deteriorated badly at the end of October 2018, which has meant moving back home and taking time off from university. Although I won’t go into any more detail than that, I understand how important it is to be honest about your struggles – we all go through periods of feeling low, although stigma remains when it comes to talking about it. I’ve been there (and still am there, to an extent) and you’re not alone.

I’m hoping to be a little more active over the next few months, but I still have some big decisions to make regarding university and I’m very much still recovering, mentally and physically. I’d like to add some more entries to my “files”* series; however, I have to be realistic about how much content I am capable of producing. I need to manage my own expectations more than yours, dear readers!

Stay spooky.


Jude x

*The Bitten Files / The Hidden Files / The Haunted Files / The Lunar Files

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