Site Recs

Unlike the film/book recommendations, the majority of these are intended for educational/informational purposes rather than entertainment. You can find links to “scary” material at the end of this page.

Bear in mind that I am not affiliated with any of these sites/apps/publications.

Multiple interest/specialist:

  • Week In Weird – investigations, sightings and the latest paranormal news.
  • Stranger Dimensions – cryptozoology, the paranormal, temporal distortions and parallel universes. What more could you want?
  • The Mandela Effect a blog documenting a mysterious phenomenon known as “the Mandela Effect”, in which people – sometimes thousands of people – appear to have the same memories of an event which never actually happened.
  • Fortean Times – actually a magazine specialising in anomalous phenomena (inspired by Charles Fort), but you can order/subscribe using the website.
  • The Order of the Good Death – a collective of death professionals and academics who aim to help people overcome their fear of mortality.
  • The Ghost In My Machine – stories of the strange and unusual.
  • Atlas Obscura – curious places around the world.


  • Obi-Wan’s UFO-Free Paranormal Page – true ghost stories, information on paranormal phenomena, no UFO/religious/conspiracy material. This site has been going since 1994.
  • The Shadowlands – another site that was founded in 1994, allegedly the Internet’s original ghost website. Thousands of stories and sightings.
  • The Most Unique Paranormal Blog– now sadly inactive, as the owner wanted to focus on their writing career, but there’s plenty of material in the archive.
  • Equinox Paranormal – a non-profit team of paranormal consultants; they reblog lots of interesting stories and historic accounts.
  • Paranormal Apptivity (app) – available for Kindle and other devices from Amazon. Nifty app with photos, videos and audio clips of investigations and possible sightings. Only 70p.
  • Encyclopaedia of… (apps) – a company called Enki have created these digital encyclopaedias. There is an edition available for demons, deities, mythological creatures and secret societies. They are available from Amazon for £1.27 each.
  •, Paranormal Phenomena – great introduction to paranormal investigation, includes photos, audio and videos of possible sightings.
  • Paranormalistics – paranormal blog including sightings and explanations of key terms.


  • – news, forums and blogs
  • The Pine Barrens Institute – a Wisconsin-based resource centre for information on cryptids.
  • Cryptozoology Girls – generally lighthearted, but they reblog lots of useful material and one of the admins has produced a documentary.
  • Cryptozoology Today (app) – a free app that updates you on the latest news and sightings worldwide, available on both iPhone and Android.
  • The Cryptid Zoo: A Menagerie of Cryptozoology – a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate encyclopaedia of cryptids. Each entry has an index of sources, so you know where the information is coming from and you can seek more out for yourself.
  • International Cryptozoology Museum – official website for the Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Scary stuff!

Instagram accounts

  • @thegooddeath – Caitlin Doughty/Ask A Mortician.
  • @drlindseytfitzharris – Dr Lindsey Fitzharris, medical historian.
  • @cadaverformosus – Elizabeth Harper, scholar of relics of the Catholic Church.
  • @hexenkult – Paul Koudounaris.
  • @sarah_calavera – Sarah Chavez, director at Order of the Good Death.
  • @thanatos.archive – Jack Mord, vintage post-mortem photography.
  • @remains2beseen – Carla Valentine, pathology technician and anatomist.
  • @tomsimagination – Tom Keller, artist specialising in articulations, taxidermy and wet specimens.
  • @deathsalon – the culture of mortality and mourning.
  • @theydidntdie – obituary euphemisms for “died”.
  • @deadmaidens – exploring the relationship between women and death.
  • @muttermuseum – official account for the Mutter Museum of Medical History, Philadelphia.
  • @atlasobscura – the world’s strangest places.
  • @cultofweird – weird news and oddities.
  • @deathunderglass – “death investigation at high magnification”, forensics.
  • @natural_selections – a natural history centre and ethically-sourced skull/taxidermy shop in Toronto.
  • @stoleninnocencephotography – beautifully creepy photography by Melissa Trotter.
  • @arsanatomica – taxidermy and articulations.
  • @ohyouspoopythings – Halloween-themed photography.